Ganja Natural Sake Club (Kanisawa)

Kanisawa, or Ganja in the local dialect, is a district in Hachinohe where the natural beauty of the countryside and the virgin landscape remains intact, something which has even become a rarity in the relatively rural area of Aomori Prefecture. We hope to maintain the clean and clear spring water that Kanisawa is famous for and the natural ecosystem of the green countryside for many years to come. We want to bring back the happiness of making rice, giving thanks for a bountiful harvest, and brewing sake as it existed in olden times through practical experience. People who share this idea have come together to help preserve the environment of the Kanisawa water source area, revitalize the natural rice paddies of Kanisawa, and experience brewing sake with natural rice. Only members of the Ganja Natural Sake Club can take part in these activities as they work together to produce an original natural sake.

Yearly Events (Planned)

Note: The Japanese fiscal year runs from April to March.
Note: Events are free to attend, but members are responsible for transportation fees and other costs. We also plan to host other events such as a brewery tour, a summer evening festival, and a New Year’s party. We will provide details when they become available.

Membership Rules

  1. Membership Fee
    A. ¥5,000 (Membership card and 2 720mL bottles of limited sake)
    B. ¥10,000 (Membership card and 5 720mL bottles of limited sake)
    Note: Please select either course A or B. Other expenses may apply.
  2. Membership Benefits
    • Membership card
    • Sale of member’s only sake
    • Invitations to events at Hachinohe Shuzo
    • Member’s only news and information
  3. Individual Members Only (No group or corporate memberships)
  4. A portion of the membership fee will be donated to Hachinohe City for the environmental protection of the Kanisawa water source area.
  5. No membership fee refunds even in the event of leaving the club before the end of the fiscal year.
  6. In the event that rice cannot be harvested due to such issues as cold damage or disease, the club will use chemical-free rice grown by farmers our company has a contract with.

How to Apply

  1. Fill out the membership application form (see separate sheet) and mail, FAX, or e-mail it to us.
  2. Please send the membership fee via bank transfer as soon as possible.

Contact Information / Where to Send the Application

Hachinohe Shuzo Co., Ltd. Ganja Shizen-shu Sake Club
9 Hon-cho, Minato-machi
Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, Japan 031-0812
TEL: 81-178-33-1171
FAX: 81-178-34-1174