Mutsu Hassen

Today, our leading brand of sake is Mutsu Hassen, a rich and full-flavored sake we are sure you’re going to love. It features a rich and fruity aroma with a fresh taste. We are also developing new types of sake including ISARIBI and Hojun Chokara, both of which go well with meals, and a prototype for a new sparkling sake.

陸奥八仙 特別純米

Mutsu Hassen
Special Junmai

陸奥八仙 いさり火ラベル 特別純米

Mutsu Hassen ISARIBI
Special Junmai(Pure/ Pasteurized)

陸奥八仙 ピンクラベル 吟醸(生・火入)

Mutsu Hassen Pink Label
Ginjo(Pure/ Pasteurized)

陸奥八仙 黒ラベル 純米吟醸(生・火入)

Mutsu Hassen Black Label
Junmai Ginjo(Pure/ Pasteurized)

陸奥八仙 赤ラベル 特別純米(生・火入)

Mutsu Hassen Red Label
Special Junmai(Pure/ Pasteurized)

陸奥八仙 大吟醸

Mutsu Hassen

陸奥八仙 華想い40 純米大吟醸

Mutsu Hassen Hanaomoi 40
Junmai Dai-ginjo

陸奥八仙 華想い50 純米大吟醸(生・火入)

Mutsu Hassen Hanaomoi 50
Junmai Dai-ginjo(Pure/ Pasteurized)

ブルーラベル 夏吟醸

Mutsu Hassen Blue Label
Summer Ginjo

緑ラベル 特別純米 ひやおろし

Mutsu Hassen Green Label
Special Junmai

シルバーラベル 吟醸あらばしり 1,800ml

Mutsu Hassen Silver Label
Ginjo Arabashiri

Mutsu Hassen Shinshun Iwaizake
Junmai Ginjo

Mutsu Otokoyama

Mutsu Otokoyama is the brand of sake our company was built on. It is a dry sake that fishermen from Minato-machi have loved for years. In addition to the classic plain type, we also offer a super dry junmai-shu, which we made in pursuit of the ultimate dry sake, and many other varieties.

Mutsu Otokoyama CLASSIC

陸奥男山 クラシック ヌーボー (普通酒・生)

Mutsu Otokoyama CLASSIC NOUVEAU (Pure)

陸奥男山 超辛純米

Mutsu Otokoyama Chokara (Super Dry) Junmai

Special Products

壷八仙 純米大吟醸(予約商品) 1,800ml

Tsubo Hassen
Junmai Dai-ginjo(Available for Pre-order)

Spot Products

Hachi-ume (Plum Liquor)

Note: Please be aware that limited and seasonal products may not always be available for purchase.