Mutsu Otokoyama CLASSIC

1,800ml 180ml
麹米 華吹雪
掛米 まっしぐら
精米歩合 55/65%
アルコール度数 15度
おすすめの召し上がり方 冷やから常温、燗
冷蔵の有無 冷暗所での保存
開封後賞味期限 開封後はなるべく早めに
陸奥男山 一合瓶 180ml
陸奥男山 カップ酒 180ml

Note: Please be aware that limited and seasonal products may not always be available for purchase.

About Ganja Natural Sake Club

Revitalize the natural rice paddies of Kanisawa,
and experience brewing sake with natural rice.
Only members of the Ganja Natural Sake Club can take part in these activities
as they work together to produce an original natural sake.